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Auto Hail Repair

Kansas City Auto Hail Repair

Expert Auto Hail Repair in Kansas City

Hail storms are one of Mother Nature’s most feared and fascinating phenomena. Hail storms can strike anywhere, anytime, and with devastating and deadly force. For us, living in the Midwest,  smack-dab in the middle of Tornado Alley, makes the likelihood of a hail-producing storm extremely high.  Some of the finest Paintless Dent Repair technicians come out of the Midwest. This can largely be attributed to the millions of dollars that have been spent by its residents repairing and removing hail damage from their vehicles. Josh Riley, Firehouse Dent owner, is one of those PDR technicians.

The owner Josh has always done me right. Would never take my car to anyone else. I've been in the collision repair field for 16 years, so my standards are pretty high. ~ Robert Brannock

Kansas City Auto Hail Repair Services

One of the most satisfying parts of finishing an auto hail damage repair job is when the owner says, “It looks like new! I can’t even tell it was ever hail damaged!”

Paintless Dent Repair is often considered to be an “art form.” Technicians will get behind, or underneath, the hail damaged panel and gently massage away the dent.With Paintless Dent Repair, all you need is a great set of PDR tools, an extensive amount of experience, and patience. This might sound simple, but in the PDR world – inexperience can put a PDR shop out of business. One botched dent repair can end up costing the automobile owner much, much more.

PDR Nation Certified Technician

Firehouse Dent & Detail is a proud member of PDR Nation.

What is PDR Nation? PDRN was formed by inviting members based on their reputation, & the way they represent themselves in public. PDRN certification is recognized as the first comprehensive PDR skills based test, ethics course, and I-CAR training.

Firehouse Dent & Detail encourages you to leave feedback on their PDR Nation technician page.

*PDR Nation is the first and only organization dedicated to the international PDR industry.

No-Drilling Policy

Sometimes, if the hail damage is on a panel that can not be reached from the underside, we will remove the panel. In some Paintless Dent Repair shops, it has become common practice to drill in places to gain access to a dent with their tools. Firehouse Dent & Detail of Kansas City will always take the time to try and repair the dent without drilling. If there is no other way and a small hole is required to repair the dent, In the event that there is no other way to repair a dent except to drill a small hole, we will always consult with you first and the choice will be yours.