Firehouse Dent & Detail - Diary of a Paintless Dent Repair Tech
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Firehouse Dent & Detail – Entry 1

firefighters-fpaintless dent repair

Firehouse Dent & Detail – Entry 1

Real heroes are men who fall and fail and are flawed, but win out in the end because they’ve stayed true to their ideals and beliefs and commitments.”  -Kevin Costner

Heroism in the eyes of many people stands as a very broad topic. Firehouse Dent & Detail (FHD&D) strives everyday to further understand the true meaning of morals, beliefs, dreams, and ambition. Focusing on those four categories daily has helped form our team into an unstoppable force.

Owned and operated by fireman of the Kansas City metropolitan area, it has became our duty to serve by day and night. To protect lives and property was our initial ambition, and it very much so has remained at that. As we continued to broaden our horizons we revealed happiness can come from many directions in life.

Whether it be a live saving rescue or immaculate detail we seem to see multiple smiles daily. The team operating at FHD&D has over 20+ years of fire service experience, as well as two generations of paintless dent repair and automotive detailing experience. Over the years we have noticed that exceeding our patients/customers expectations has helped form our morals and beliefs into becoming what we hope many could consider heroic one day. Polishing vehicles by day and fire trucks by night we have come to provide numerous services to our clientele.

Automotive dent repair, hail damage repair, window chip repair, vigorous detailing, also headlight restoration is the current expertise’s we have to offer (Never will we fail to continue educating ourselves). Firehouse Dent is honored to be able to have an opportunity to impact lives of so many; never will that be taken for granted.

We chose to start our blogging journey with a simple thank you to our community. Thank you for being there for us, and showing us the meaning of morals, beliefs, dreams, and ambition. It drives us daily in hopes of one day becoming a true heroic figure. We would like to welcome any and all into our home at FHD&D.

Come anytime to meet any of your vehicles needs or someone in the community to talk with. Don’t be afraid of the hard times of our economy as estimates will always be welcome and free. Until next weeks blog we hope to educate everyone more on our experiences, qualifications, and packages. Thank you to our community because you are all our true heroes.

Sincerely, Firehouse Dent & Detail

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